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Are you looking for someone new to vote for this spring? Do you want to cast your ballot for a candidate who will actually do something once elected? Are you interested in issues as well as image? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then choose someone different! Choose Alan Kennedy-Shaffer for Student Council President.
Where He Stands
1. Open Lunch - Allow students to leave the school building during their lunch periods. As long as students are back for their classes, why not?
2. Refreshments At Dances - Something so simple and inexpensive, why hasn't anyone else thought of it?
3. Cut Prices - MASH students should get their money's worth at Student Council activities.
4. Work with the School Board - As the primary Student Representative, the Student Council President should attend school board meetings on a regular basis and suggest necessary changes and improvements.
5. Protect Student Interests - Stand up for the students, and negotiate with the administration.
The best platform, the best slogans, the best choice. Vote for Alan Kennedy-Shaffer.

Reasons to Choose Alan
1. Active Homeroom Representative.
2. Successfully proposed television election ads, new Student Council rules, and more!
3. Attends most School Board meetings.
4. Highly interested in government.
5. Honest and open to new ideas.
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"I promise to fight for you, the students."

Mechanicsburg Pride -- Is it in you? Vote 4 Alan.